Paper-II, PO & RMS Accountant

Recorded Video Lectures of Paper-II of PO & RMS Accountant Contents are in English but during classes it is explained in Hindi.


Syllabus contents:-

1. FHB Volume I & Volume II
2. P & T Manual Volume II( Chapter IV, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XII)
3. Schedule of financial powers of the Department of Posts
4. P & T manual Vol VI Chapter I, II, VII, XII, XVI, XVII
5. Postal Manual Volume VI part II & III ( Relating to MOs, IPOs, BPOs Sub accountants & Accounts is SOs)
6.Medical reimbursement
7. HBA
8. LTC Rule 1988
9. Group insured scheme

The contents of PPT used in classroom and PDF notes is in English but explanation part during class is in Hindi.


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